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Subsistence Ag: Low Cost SolutionsA Tumblr blog addressing the challenges faced by farmers and possible solutions to help improve subsistence agriculture
Hillside Ag: Low Cost InterventionsThe Hillside Ag Facebook page is a place to learn, share, and address agricultural challenges faced by hillside farmers
Guelph to Africa: Low Cost SolutionsThis initiative promotes and raises awareness of the hardships of African hillside farmers, while also suggesting solutions
5 Aggie Solutions: Low Cost InterventionsThis Twitter account attempts to enlighten followers on the issues facing low-income hillside farmers
Farm2Feed: Subsistence Agriculture TipsFarm2Feed is a social media campaign that brings attention to better farming practices for subsistence farmers
Help For Subsistence Farmers: Low Cost InterventionsA Facebook page aimed to promote solutions to help subsistence farmers around the world
Nepalese Hillside Farming: Low Cost InterventionsUtilizing Pinterest as a means to change commonly romanticized perceptions of Nepalese farmers
Dollar Difference: Low Cost InterventionsA social media platform to promote solutions to problems that face all small-scale farmers
Forward Farming: Low Cost InterventionsA social media campaign to connect with other agriculture initiatives around the world
Better Farming Nepal: Low Cost InterventionsAn Instagram account to promote variety of ideas to aid Nepalese farmers dealing with weeds and soil erosion
Solutionary Help: Low Cost InterventionsA Tumblr blog dedicated to discussing issues like erosion, accessibility and labour in relation to subsistence farmers
Simple Farmin’: Low Cost SolutionsA social media campaign focusing on simple farming techniques to help improve the farming practices of terrace farmers
Hillside Farmers Initiative: Low Cost InterventionsA social media awareness campaign to help spread the word about low cost solutions to subsistence farmers in Nepal
Friends of Farmers Nepal: Low Cost SolutionsAn instagram account dedicated informing the public on the challenges facing hillside farmers today in Nepal
Five Simple Solutions for Less than a CoffeeA buzzfeed article focusing on solutions to reduce the drudgery of female subsistence farmers
Global Farming Initiatives: Low Cost InterventionsA social media campaign intended to spark interest on promoting sustainable agricultural practices for terrace farmers
Practical Subsistence Farming: Low Cost InterventionsA YouTube video to promote awareness about some practical, low-cost farming techniques that can enhance crop production
Farming Solutions: Low Cost InterventionsA website aimed to provide insight into simple, low cost agricultural practices for subsistence farmers worldwide
Farming at a Forte! : A Low Cost InterventionDedicated to promoting simple, low-cost solutions, this Youtube channel supports productive and sustainable agriculture
Simple Solutions: Low Cost InterventionsA Twitter platform to extend the University of Guelph initiative of AgTrade Nepal, which promotes bilateral agrifood trade
Low Cost Solutions For Low Income Hillside FarmersA Buzzfeed article that addresses a variety of issues faced by low income hillside farmers
Simple Low Cost SolutionsA social media campaign focusing on solutions to problems faced by Nepalese subsistence farmers
Hillside Solutions: Low Cost InterventionsThrough instagram, education is provided on the issues of soil erosion and soil nutrient loss faced by hillside farmers
Solutions 4 Nepal: Low Cost InterventionsA Tumblr page dedicated to show how subsistence farmers can overcome many daily challenges associated with growing crops
Inexpensive Agricultural InnovationsA website and accompanying social media outlets to inform the public on common issues faced by subsistence farmers