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Sample Images of Agricultural Tools, Machines & SuppliesA compiled document of images and product details of agricultural tools, machine and supplies sourced from
Satellite Imagery of Terrace and Hillside AgricultureCompiled in this document is a collection of satellite images taken of agricultural terraces and hillsides around the world
Compiled Video and Weblink ResourcesThis document contains a compiled collection of video and weblink resources of tools for subsistence and terrace farmers
Nepal Project Brochure (English)Innovations for Terrace Farmers in Nepal and Testing of Private Sector Scaling Up Using Sustainable Agriculture
Project Highlight – Social MediaCanadian university students are using social media to spread low cost, sustainable solutions for subsistence hillside
Project Highlight – Canadian Youth and Bilateral TradeEmpowering Canadian youth as global ambassadors for trade for development
Project Highlight – Internet Commerce for Subsistence FarmersInternet shopping for subsistence farmers using snackfood distributors – a new era for international development
Project Highlight – GlnLuxA Canadian invention may help farmers optimize legumes for protein content and organic fertilizer production
Hillside In NepalTime-lapse of a terraced, cultivated hillside in Nepal
SAK Project Brochure – EnglishSummary Project Brochure - English Language
SAK Project Brochure – NepaliA project brochure - Nepali language